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Sleep Apnea Treatment – Melbourne, FL

Breathe Better and Sleep Well With Oral Appliances

Millions of people suffer from poor sleep and the resulting fatigue and irritability. If your chronic exhaustion is accompanied by loud snoring and fractured sleep, you may be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. This occurs when the tissues in the mouth and throat collapse and block the proper flow of air during sleep. The condition is most prevalent in older adults, but patients of all ages can suffer from it — and the risk is even greater for people who are overweight or obese.

But don’t worry, there’s hope. The dental team at Dental Excellence Melbourne has decades of experience in treating patients with sleep apnea, and they can help you with custom oral appliances.

Why Choose Dental Excellence Melbourne For Sleep Apnea Treatment?

  • Passionate Sleep Dentistry Experts
  • Customized Oral Sleep Appliances
  • Team Dedicated To Patient Education

What is Sleep Apnea?

Man in Melbourne unable to sleep due to sleep apnea

Do you think you might have sleep apnea? Here are some warning signs to watch for:

  • Chronic, disruptive snoring
  • Nighttime teeth grinding and jaw clenching
  • Frequent waking during the night (often observed by a partner)
  • Waking up with a dry mouth or sore throat
  • Daytime fatigue and irritability
  • Confusion or difficulty completing daytime tasks
  • Feelings of fatigue even after 7 – 9 hours of sleep

Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing or shallow breathing during sleep. The most common type is obstructive sleep apnea, where the throat muscles relax and obstruct the airway. This can lead to fragmented sleep and loud snoring that can be very disruptive to your natural resting rhythm. Central sleep apnea and mixed sleep apnea are less common and involve issues with the brain's respiratory control during sleep.

The Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Woman in Melbourne suffering from sleep apnea

Untreated sleep apnea can significantly affect your quality of life in multiple ways by causing chronic fatigue that can make you too tired to enjoy everyday activities. You may begin to forget things, fall into mood swings, or consistently wake up with headaches.

Even more serious, those with chronic sleep apnea are five times more likely to experience vehicular and work-related accidents. Loss of sleep affects your ability to function at the wheel and at work.

These consistent sleep interruptions also put considerable strain on your body and all its support systems. As the strain builds, it can increase your risk of severe medical conditions like stroke, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

Example of oral appliance from Dental Excellence Melbourne

The CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure machine, is a common treatment method — but many patients don’t see success with it as it can be uncomfortable to wear. A customized oral appliance can provide a wonderful alternative in these cases. Worn while you sleep, this small device comfortably repositions the jaw to prevent the airway’s collapse — allowing you to breathe without interruption. Many patients find the relief they seek with this method, allowing them to enjoy days full of energy and a positive outlook on life once again.

Don't let sleep apnea disrupt your life any longer. Contact our team at Dental Excellence Melbourne to schedule a consultation with one of our experts to see if an oral appliance is the right fit for you. This is the first step to an effective sleep apnea treatment tailored to your needs.